Tips to know when buying tiger cubs

Maintain a high budget profile – some Tips to know when buying tiger cubs

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It is not the simple case of dogs, parrots and cats that can be easily purchased and selected from the animal shelters. The trends are changing now and people are getting more oriented towards the tiger cubs as their home pets. They are buying cubs, adopting them to make them lovable and sincere pets. But the task is not as easy as it seems to be for many people for the first time rather it will need a thorough dedication, sincere effort, useful information about the feeding habits and raising techniques of the tiger cubs as pets. That is why there are some useful and most effective Tips to know when buying tiger cubs.

Some of the most vital tricks are mentioned below to give you the necessary idea before you decide to purchase them –

Starting for a genuine and most serene search, you should not be provocative. You can just commence your expedition to get a pet tiger from the local animal shelter where you can get a huge variety of tiger breeds. You will also be receiving some vaccinations and shots that the shelter owners have already given to tiger cubs in their childhood stage. It is considered one of the most important Tips to know when buying tiger cubs.

The second step must lie with the option of internet. While surfing the internet for a number of times, you can come across a number of websites that have a tag mentioned “buy exotic”. This is also a significant tip when buying a tiger cub. You will be getting a number of sources from where they can easily be obtained; breeds, price details and raising patterns will also be made available to you through the website customer support and you will love your tiger pets as you have dreamt of the same since the childhood.

Budget consideration is also in the list of vital Tips to know when buying tiger cubs. It should be borne in your mind that the buyer should keep his wallet very thick which may allocate something near $25000. Purchasing person must be prepared for the same thing.

when you finalize the deal, you should get your tiger cub checked and tested thoroughly by the preferred exotic veteran doctor.

One of the most essential Tips to know when buying tiger cubs is the purchase of big-sized cage which must be made of stainless steel. Everything from the reliability and safety must be ensured when you are making wild tiger cubs your home pets.

Adopting Tigers pros and cons

Better know the Adopting Tigers pros and cons before making them home pets

Every animal shelter in Canada and US are filled to their full capacity and the pets really are in need of a good home and better living place. Making pets is in vogue now and that; there is no dearth of pets in this world. But, very few people are there on this earth who usually likes to make tigers as home pets. And even when, they decide to adopt some tigers from the local animal shelters – they are ought to face many Adopting Tigers pros and cons that must be discussed in detail.

Pros of adopting tigers

It should be borne in your mind that animal shelters are always provided animals in nearly killed situations and that every shelter leaves no stone unturned in spoiling the life of the animal to be adopted. When it comes to adopting tigers as pets, the pros is that you have saved life of an endangered species which is very near to its extinction state. When you decide to set a tiger as your home pet, you have definitely saved an innocent life.

When tigers are in their shelters, the shelter owner often and instantly give their vital vaccinations such as distemper and rabies. So while you are adopting tiger as pets, you are getting a benefit that you should take all the vaccination papers so that you are not required to consult any exotic veteran in the near future. It can also be included in the Adopting Tigers pros and cons.

You will be getting a number of breeds of tigers in the animal shelters as they possess variety of breeds. So, you will naturally come across high breeds of tigers that you may choose from the available variety as per your priorities and interests.

Cons of adopting tigers

There might be any behavioral problem which was growing inside the tiger when you adopted the tiger from the animal shelters. In fact, these behaviors may get some wild and aggressive forms in the adult age of the tigers from which you should be extra conscious. This is an important aspect of Adopting Tigers pros and cons.

Big cats like tigers may also not show much symptoms of their bad health and thus, you will be unknown to their current health condition. Shelters always give vaccinations and shots but they cannot guarantee of their good health at the time of adopting tigers.

White Tigers

Information about the powerful and beautiful White Tigers

This pattern of tigers has been reportedly found in the sanctuaries and forests of Bihar, Assam and Bengal, not forgetting the old State of Rewa. In fact, the White Tigers are the mutant of Bengal Tigers in recessive form. These tigers are just the second name of unmatched beauty and impressive power. They are known for their fighting and killing skills which are just awesome and impeccable in the sense.

The science and various studies suggest that the White Tigers are known for their increased size not at the time of birth but also in their adulthood. According to an expert, these tigers possess the white gene in order to maintain the big size which is still continuing. These tigers are well known as the Indian tiger or the Royal Tiger. It is also not clear in the present times whether the present white gene has only come from the Bengali origin or the Siberian Tigers in particular. The good news for the wildlife lovers is that the number of the White Tigers is on a constant increase. With dark stripes on the white background, they are always a point of attraction of the zoo visitors and many tourists in India. There is not any concrete evidence about the existence of white Siberian tigers although few people and experts believe in their presence in the Eastern Siberia. You will not believe but the actual estimations reveal that there will e just a single White Tiger in the births of 10000 wild tigers.

It should also be mentioned here that the White Tigers are not usually considered the subspecies of the tigers rather they are treated as the recessive mutant of Bengal Tigers. This is only the coloration of these tigers that is enough to attract thousands of visitors to the Indian zoos.

Genetics of the White Tigers

According to research in the field of genetics, the color of the White Tigers comes with the help of a recessive gene and the other gene may bring some dark stripes on their bodies. Since they can breed themselves, they are usually bred with the yellow or orange ones. It is not always essential that the White Tigers are albinos because the stripe less tigers in white has some pale and nearly invisible stripes on their bodies.

There are various reports that confirm about some of the major genetic problems in case of the White Tigers. You will be aware with the condition of crossed eyes, also called strabismus which is due to incorrect pathway of the eye pulses to their brains.

Siberian Tigers

All facts about the Amur or Siberian Tigers

According to the latest estimation, there are only 400-500 Siberian Tigers in this world and their main habitat is the eastern Russian birch forests. Some of them may also be found in North Korea and China. The report also confirms that their numbers are almost constant which their own benefit is of course. The reasons are many – the primary one being the lesser density of the human population and the presence of the complete ecosystem and compatible environment in those areas that do not affect the stability of these tigers. They are also known as the Panthera tigris altaica or Amur tiger. A lot of research conducted over these tigers suggests that all the Silk Road and Central Asia were colonized by the Siberian Tigers but later one they decided to traverse the distance to Russia from the eastern China regions.

Body characteristics

The Siberian Tigers are usually rusty yellowish and reddish in color and they characterize black stripes in the narrow pattern. The minimum body length for these tigers is 59 inches. The largest male specie has been recorded with even 384 kilograms and measuring approximately 11.4 feet. You may find a number of variations depending on the nature of habitat, increasing or decreasing population, changing adaption pattern to the alterations in the ecosystem and environment thus; they can typically vary in color, size and shape. The present Siberian Tigers have thick, sparse and coarse fur as compared to their partners existing in the Soviet Union.


Talking about the vast habitat regions of the Siberian Tigers, we can easily find that they can be usually found anywhere from Russian Far East stretches to the south of Amur river, which is reportedly spread over the length of 1000 kilometers. Some of them have also been noticed in the foothills of Eastern Mucnchurian Mountains that geographically crosses the Russian boundaries into the China. In these habitat areas of the big tigers, you will find two types of regions namely northern boreal complex and East Asian coniferous deciduous forests. Some of the major habitats of the Siberian Tigers are the forests of Korean Pine broadleaf.

Reproduction process and eligibility

At the age of 4 years, any of the Siberian Tigers can mate with the opposite sex. There can be at most 6 cubs for a single time at the birth and they will be blind at the time of birth, major of that are female in the present times.

Bengal Tigers

Master in the Indian subcontinent’s wildlife – the awesome Bengal Tigers

Also known as Panthera tigris tigris, Bengal Tigers are very native to the Indian subcontinent although they belong to the list of endangered species. According to the recent census of cats, the population of these tigers is estimated to the accuracy of only 2500 which is further decreasing at a constant rate. It is also a surprising note that none of the grasslands and sanctuary in India is supposed to support the habitat of tigers numbering 250. You can also find the Bengal Tigers as one of the most populated variety of the tiger subspecies in the whole world and that; they are also found in Nepal numbering 155, 255 in Bangladesh and approximately 97-81 in the state of Bhutan.

Body characteristic of Bengal Tigers

These tigers have generally white bellies and their tails are white with black rings in specific. The whole body of the tigers has the yellow or orange coat with strips ranging from dark brown to black color. The male tigers measure approximately from 110 to 120 inches whereas the female tigers are believed to be measuring from 94 to 104 inches. You may also find some white tigers that are the typically the mutants of the Bengal Tigers and they are often seen in the forests of Assam, Bihar and Bengal.

Ancestry in the Genetics

The report confirms that the Bengal Tigers arrived in the Indian subcontinent around 12000 years ago which is usually considered the consistent existence of these tigers as there is no supporting evidence of the tiger fissile before the Pleistocene.

Habitat and density distribution of the tigers

When sea levels got depressed in the ancient pluvial period, Bengal Tigers were supposed to arrive in Sri Lanka which can be dated back to approximately 20000 years back. In the subcontinent of India, these tigers can be easily found living happily in the moist tropical evergreen forests, tropical dry forests, moist deciduous forests, temperate upland forests, in the regions of mangroves and few are also spread over the alluvial grasslands. With the passage of time, Bengal Tigers were also found in the vast Brahmaputra and Gangetic plains but their numbers quickly reduced with the invasion of agricultural activities on these grasslands. In the present times, the tigers can be found easily in the foothills of the Hi9malayas like the regions of Rajaji-Corbett, Dudhwa-Kailali and Chitwan-Parsa-Valmiki.

Bengal Tigers are no doubt, massive carnivores that depend on the meat of nilgai, buffalo, takin, gaur, chital and sambar.

Tigers are not house pets

Interesting logics and arguments supporting “Adopting Tigers pros and cons”

It is almost in everyone’s opinion, tiger is one of the most powerful and beautiful wild animals living in this world. They are known for their bravery, fighting skill, grit and valor that are natural instincts in them as they regularly use those most often. This should be remembered here that some high level decisions and heavy thoughts should be working within your mind frame before you decide to purchase the tiger cub as tigers are not house pets. It is a serious notation which must not be forgotten anyhow in your life. People are often found very inspired and motivated in keeping these tigers as their home pets but what type of pet, they make to you and especially to your neighbors? The answer needs to be uttered before any legal cop comes and snatch your costly tiger pet in order to release it in the natural home.

The foremost thing which you should keep in mind is that whether it is legal in your locality or the state to keep tigers as pets. If not, why to keep the tigers as home pets by constructing a huge fence? It is just a waste of money. The tiger pets can pose a number of threats to the living society, kids, neighborhood and nonetheless, your state. If any unwanted incident occurs due to your pet tiger, the blame will definitely come upon you and you will convict of the same. That is why the usual consideration speaks that Tigers are not house pets.

It has often been seen and noticed that even quality professionals and experienced owners of the tiger pets has surrendered before the expense, requirements and above all, the difficulties that they face legally and on social platforms. This is just more than your passion! You should always remember this fact and hence, tigers should not be raised on private ownership basis. Tigers have set their own records by killing the owners in different parts of the world. All the above opinions suggest strongly that Tigers are not house pets, completing you to avoid the raising of tigers as home pets.

The big cats are not near domestic limits at any cost and an exotic veteran should always be opted for beforehand. Nonetheless, you should also see that you have got sufficient money, space, time, extra love and above all, patience for raising tigers as home pets. Tigers are not house pets – the notion is almost genuine and fine!

Dangers in raising tigers

Knowing some dangers in raising tigers will improve the safety chances for you

While raising tigers as your home pets can be much problematic when it comes to dangers associated with the pet tigers. In fact, you will have to pay some sort of extra attention and you might also be sentenced to jail term if the pet tigers have done something wrong or violated the social or wildlife rules. It does not matter how much you the tigers as home pets but dangers in raising tigers are immense thus, it is always recommended to search for a more viable option to quench your raising thirst.

Here are the lists of dangers that can be easily and directly associated with the tiger raising process: -


Rising of tigers as home pets might cause any unexpected violation of the wildlife safety rules and you will be unknowingly convicted of different charges that will always end in dangerous consequences.


Before deciding to raise the tigers as pets, it is suggested that you should enquire about the license from the wildlife department of your state. Although thousands of people are there in the country who will definitely want to care for them as house pets but they are not fully prepared for that. Hence, they can be an easy victim of the dangers in raising tigers.


You should also not forget the natural aggressiveness of the tigers thus, it is often not recommended to raise tigers as pets. In fact, they have big claws and knife-like teeth that will obviously pose threats and unwanted dangerous to family members, friends and even kids living in the home or society.


If you do not believe it then you should rather enquire about the mauling news and various incidents that often occur in the states of Canada and US. This is only due to their carnivorous feeding habits and it must not be promoted on your home ground, chaining the tigers as pets in the enclosure. This can just pose various dangers in raising tigers and you must be extra conscious of the same.


It should be also remembered while raising tigers as home pets that you will have to take a lot of care and pay some extra attention to the raising as it is done in the sanctuaries and wildlife zoos. Cleanliness is the foremost requirement for your pet palace as their urine has musky odor that may also invite dangers in raising tigers.

how to take care of pet tigers

Proper and effective knowledge about how to take care of pet tigers

If you are willing or planning to raise baby tiger or even an adult tiger of your own then you should be extra cautious as they are considered very dangerous animals. It should not be forgotten that they are wild animals and extra attention should be paid over their raising.

Everyone interested person wants to know how to take care of pet tigers and here you will find its most compatible answer: -

First of all, you must make an enquiry about the state licensing position and rules, it exist. Before you indulge in building the bigger enclosure for your pet tiger, you must get a license. Moreover, you should also inform the local animal inspection organization and the federal agency so that they do come and do a thorough analysis of your enclosure. They will definitely recommend your enclosure if they found no threat in raising the pet tigers.

Secondly, the interested owner should get the knowledge of nearby and most exotic veterinarian so that tigers can get regular vaccinations and essential medication if it is found necessary to do so. When you know how to take care of pet tigers, it becomes quite easier for you pay your attention to their health and feeding habits.

It is always recommended that your enclosure must be built in very large area so that the pet tigers can roam freely. It should also be seen that your enclosure is not open to other society members so that their life does not remain at potential threats. The recommendation suggests that your enclosure must be spread in nearly 500 or 1000 square feet and its fence should be at least 8 feet high. Also, the enclosure should be made of very tough construction materials. It also should have a sliding door to keep the pet tigers in a separate room or enclosure while cleaning their living areas.

If the pet tigers are less than 6 weeks or something near than the age limit, you must feed them with milk even if you do not know how to take care of pet tigers. You should also rub their mouth with the dried cotton wool to encourage defecation in them. They can be allowed to eat meat at their own when they get to an age of 3 months, which should be five percent of their weight in quantity.

Tigers are considered very intelligent, lively and skilled wild animal, so you should put some toys in the enclosure.